Chat engagement: Using a teleprompter as a streamer

When you’re streaming it is a good idea to ‘look’ at your audience, so looking straight into the camera. This can make your interaction with your viewers more personal. However, it can feel quite awkward to look straight into the camera especially if you’re not used to it.

Another challenge with looking into the camera is that you won’t be able to see and read the chat at the same moment. That’s where a teleprompter comes into play!

What’s a teleprompter

A teleprompter is a device that lets you look at a screen and a camera simultaneously. They are often used in a TV studio setting, so news anchors can read the news out loud while looking into the camera.

A teleprompter uses a piece of clear glass or beam splitter at a 45° angle in front of the camera. Underneath the teleprompter a screen is used to display the desired information. This screen needs to be mirrored as the image will be reflected towards the subject in front of the camera.

Using a teleprompter during your stream

As stated before a teleprompter can be used to look at chat while you’re looking into your camera. At StreamUP we don’t like selling you on the idea you need fancy and expensive equipment to improve your stream.

However, a teleprompter can be quite expensive. Luckily there are cheap alternatives out there like the Pronstoor teleprompter (about $50,-) or you could craft one yourself using a piece of clear glass. These cheap teleprompters work with almost all webcams, DSLRs, and even mobile phones so they won’t get obsolete as soon as you upgrade your camera gear.

Once you got yourself a teleprompter there’s only one hurdle to overcome: How do you get a mirrored version of your Twitch chat to use with the teleprompter?

That’s where StreamUP comes in, we’ve created a simple page for you in our tools section. This tool lets you view any Twitch chat mirrored, so it’s ready to be used with a teleprompter!

Go to the Teleprompter Twitch Chat Tool.