SAMMI Bridge for Elgato Stream Deck

By: WaldoAndFriends & RoadieGamer

SAMMI Bridge for Elgato Stream Deck

Updated for SAMMI thanks to RoadieGamer.

It’s always been possible to trigger SAMMI buttons using an Elgato Stream Deck, the problem was it being cumbersome. You had to manually set up keyboard shortcuts, which can easily lead to conflicts between apps or even worse not work at all.

Trigger SAMMI buttons with your Elgato Stream Deck, without keyboard shortcuts!

To combat this we’ve developed a plugin for the Elgato Stream Deck that let’s you trigger buttons inside of SAMMI, instantly, without keyboard shortcuts! Setting up a button now consists of two simple steps.

  1. Take note of the button ID in SAMMI (Right-click the button).
  2. Enter the Button ID into an Elgato Stream Deck action from the SAMMI Bridge plugin.

The installation also couldn’t be easier:

  1. Unzip the download
  2. Double click the SAMMI Bridge - For Elgato file to install the plugin.
  3. Install the Elgato Stream Deck Bridge - For SAMMI extension into SAMMI
    • In the SAMMI Bridge pick ‘Install Extension’
    • Select the Elgato Stream Deck Bridge - For SAMMI file when prompted.
    • Select your tsl_transmitter when prompted.
Do NOT install both version of the bridge plugin into the Elgato Stream Deck, this will cause issues.

Important Notice


  • Instantly trigger buttons from your Stream Deck
  • No need for keyboard shortcuts
  • Queue option
  • Easy to use


Companion video

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