Pokémon and Friends

By: WaldoAndFriends

Pokémon and Friends
Due to a breaking change in the Twitch API you might experience a problem where the reward doesn't activate automatically. If you experience this please update to the latest Channel Point API Extension, the latest version can be found in the LioranBoard Discord.

Important update.

Pokémon and Friends is an interactive game for your chat. Every 7.5 minutes there’s a 1/3 chance a Pokémon will spawn. Your viewers will have the possibility to capture the Pokémon using a Channel Point reward. The reward only appears when there is a Pokémon to catch.

Who will be the first to catch all 151!

Due to the way the game is set up, it could be that you don’t see a Pokémon appear for a long time or you’ll see several in a row. Just like in the real games the Pokémon are a random encounter. As a broadcaster you always have to option to forcefully spawn a Pokémon by using the !poke-start chat command, or make it go away with !poke-end.

Your viewers will have access to the !pokedex and the !pokedex * command to gather information about the current on-screen or specific Pokémon.


  • Fully automatic viewer game.
  • All 151 first generation Pokémon.
  • Dynamically appearing channel point reward.
  • Animated throwing animations.
  • Fully-fletched Pokedex commands.


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Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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