Twitch Stats Tracker

By: Andilippi

Twitch Stats Tracker

This is an extension for LioranBoard that will track how many Follows/Subscribers/Bits/Donations you get and writes them into a file. This information can be used to create unique on screen trackers and goal bars.

It’s completely up to you how you use it!


  • Tracks Follow/Subscriber/Bit/Donation amounts.
  • Tracks timeframes: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Custom.
  • Check’s for unfollowers and followers you receive offline.
  • Saves all data to ‘.ini’ files which can be read with Notepad etc.


Companion video

DISCLAIMER - By downloading this product you agree to not redistribute AND/OR sell it for any profit whatsoever. This product is free and must remain that way. Feel free to completely edit this product and change it for your needs.

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