We create next-generation streaming add-ons that can help you stand out from the rest! StreamUP is aiming to release a wide variety of products, from interactive stream elements and effects to complete mini-games for your chat to play on stream.

The current market is mostly aimed at the beginning streamer and content creator. The products that are offered by others are often fully powered by browser sources and/or prerendered graphics, which makes it near impossible to customize to your liking.

At StreamUP we try to cater to both the beginner and more advanced content creators. While offering completely customizable products, by embracing the power of OBS Studio and its many plug-ins.

Our mission is to make everything accessible to everyone by making it all donationware.

We don’t believe in selling products at a fixed price, that’s why all our products start at the low low price of nothing. You can however set your own price, depending on what you think the product is worth. This allows us to steadily grow StreamUP by expanding our services and products.

Our long-term goals for StreamUP is to build a community and provide a place for other creators to share and sell their creations. So we can all grow and learn together!



Andi is a UK-based stream innovator. He puts content creators first through the use of tutorials on YouTube and live support on Twitch. He creates advanced, but easy to use, effects and widgets that anyone can use on their streams for free!


Silverlink is a Dutch DEVOPS Engineer, loves playing games and has developed multiple extensions for Lioranboard! Currently he streams 3 times a week and plays mostly 3rd person action games, easily jumpscare-able and likes to make weird noises.



Waldo is a Dutch software developer by day and a Twitch streamer by night. He streams mostly family-friendly and story-driven games, but he likes to dabble in horror from time to time. Where possible he tries to add interactive elements to every stream.

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