Launching StreamUP

After working in secrecy for a while, we’re finally able to talk about it. It began as a small idea but with big ambitions. It being StreamUP, a joint effort between Andi and Waldo. But StreamUP isn’t just Andi and I, we aim to build a community with StreamUP; A place where Streamers and other content creators can come together and share ideas and get inspiration.

At StreamUP we create next-generation streaming add-ons that can help you stand out from the crowd! You can’t just sit there anymore playing games for hours on end and expect to get fame and glory. People want to see more of you, they want to be engaged. So it’s time for you to level up your stream!

Big content creators watch out, we’re coming!

StreamUP is aiming to release a wide variety of products, from interactive stream elements and effects to complete mini-games for your chat to play on stream.

The current market is mostly aimed at the beginning streamer and content creator. The products that are offered by others are often fully powered by browser sources and/or prerendered graphics, which makes it near impossible to customize to your liking.

For now, StreamUP only offers products that either Andi or Waldo has been involved with, but our long-term goal is to transform StreamUP in a community marketplace where other creators can share and sell their creations.