StreamUP OBS Studio Plugin

The multifunction plugin your OBS needs!

Free Download!

StreamUP is excited to bring you the StreamUP OBS Plugin, a powerful tool designed to enhance your streaming experience. This versatile plugin is not only free but also a must-have addition for streamers looking to maximize the potential of their streams and overall experience in OBS.

Features & Benefits

Here’s why the StreamUP OBS Plugin should be in your OBS:

  1. StreamUP Product Compatibility: Installing the StreamUP OBS Plugin is essential to install any of our products as we have made our installation process as hassle free as possible. It will check you have all of the OBS plugins installed correctly for our products to work, it will also scale each product to your OBS canvas size.
  2. Plugin Management: With the StreamUP OBS Plugin, you gain complete control over your OBS plugins. Easily check if your plugins are up to date, manage your current plugin list, and ensure your streaming arsenal is up to speed. It will even check for updates upon launching OBS!
  1. Must Have OBS Tools: Anything we find in OBS that frustrates us such as, Browser Sources crashing or not being able to hear anything in OBS when windows updates. We try and find solutions and add them as tools in our plugin! You can easily refresh your Browser Sources or Audio Monitoring with a click of a button or hotkey.

We are also very open to feedback so if you would like to see features added to the plugin please let us know in our Discord server or on our GitHub page.

Download and Support

Ready to harness the power of the StreamUP OBS Plugin? You can download it directly from our Ko-Fi page. While the plugin is completely free, we encourage you to consider leaving a tip to show your support for the hard work that Andi has poured into its development.

StreamUP is dedicated to enhancing your streaming journey, and the StreamUP OBS Plugin is just one example of our commitment to delivering top-notch tools and resources. Don’t miss out on this valuable addition to your streaming toolkit—get the StreamUP OBS Plugin today and elevate your streams to new heights!

The source code is available on GitHub.

Made possible by you!

This plugin has been made possible by the generosity of the users of StreamUP products. None of the members of the StreamUP team pocket any of the funds that have been made by the sales or Patreon / Ko-Fi memberships. The funds are exclusively used for the future of StreamUP. If you want to help further the development of this plugin and other StreamUP products, please consider paying a small fee for the products or join the Patreon campaign.