StreamUP OBS Studio Plugin

The StreamUP OBS Studio Plugin makes it super easy to install our (future) products straight into your OBS scene collection, in an instance and no matter what canvas size you use!

This plugin makes the workflow faster and easier for both you and us. Meaning you’ll be able to install our projects in less time and with less friction and we’ll finally be able to make our products less dependent on a single bot. So expect our products to become available for multiple programs¹, such as: Bikubot, SAMMI, & Touch Portal.

All products that come with a special .streamup file will be able to be installed into OBS using our plugin. Once the plugin is installed go to Tools > StreamUP in the OBS menu bar and you’ll be able to install the .streamup installation file.

¹ We might be updating our old products using this method as well. However, this isn’t guaranteed.


The source code is available on GitHub.

Made possible by you!

This plugin has been made possible by the generosity of the users of StreamUP products. None of the members of the StreamUP team pocket any of the funds that have been made by the sales or Patreon. The funds are exclusively used for the future of StreamUP. If you want to help further the development of this plugin and other StreamUP products, please consider paying a small fee for the products or join the Patreon campaign.