Currency Core

The StreamUP Currency Core System is a versatile and robust tool designed to manage and customize the point system for your streams. It enables you to reward your viewers, encourage engagement, and create an interactive experience through customizable point allocation and messaging.


Key features of the StreamUP Currency Core System include:

  • Customizable Points Name: Define what you want to call your points, making the system unique to your community.
  • Flexible Points Allocation: Set minimum and maximum points per chat message, first words, viewer presence, and monetary tips.
  • Cooldown Settings: Control the frequency of points given for chat messages to prevent spam and ensure fair distribution.
  • Platform-Specific Rewards: Differentiate point rewards for actions on various platforms like Twitch and YouTube, including subscriptions, bits, raids, and follows.
  • Command-Based Points Management: Use commands to add, set, or reset points for individual users or all users, with customizable output messages.
  • Boolean Settings for Command Behaviour: Choose whether messages should be platform-specific or come from the bot account.
  • Dynamic Variables: Utilize variables like %user%, %points%, %pointsName%, and others to create personalized messages for point transactions.

Supported Triggers

The StreamUP Currency Core System supports a variety of triggers to allocate points, ensuring that viewers are rewarded for different types of engagement:

  • Chat Messages: Reward viewers for participating in the chat, with customizable points per message and cooldown periods.
  • First Words: Provide an additional incentive for viewers who contribute their first words in the chat.
  • Viewer Presence: Allocate points based on viewer presence, encouraging continuous engagement.
  • Monetary Tips: Reward viewers for their financial support with points per dollar tipped.
  • Twitch Specific Actions:
    • Bits: Allocate points for bits given by viewers.
    • Subscriptions: Differentiate between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 subscriptions, each with customizable point values.
    • Monthly Subscriptions: Reward ongoing support with points per month subbed.
    • Raids: Encourage community growth by rewarding points for raids and individual raid viewers.
    • Follows: Allocate points for new followers to promote channel growth.
    • Gifted Subscriptions: Reward users for gifting subscriptions to others.
  • YouTube Specific Actions:
    • New Subscriptions: Allocate points for new YouTube subscribers.
    • New Memberships: Reward viewers who join as members.
    • Membership Duration: Provide points for each month a viewer remains a member.
    • Gifted Memberships: Reward users for gifting memberships to others.

With the StreamUP Currency Core System, you have the flexibility to tailor your point rewards to best suit your streaming community’s needs, fostering a more engaging and rewarding experience for all participants.

Technical Specification

Operating System Whatever Streamer.Bot supports
Supported Bots Streamer.Bot (latest version)
Supported Streaming Platforms Twitch, YouTube

DISCLAIMER - By downloading this product you agree to not redistribute AND/OR sell it for any profit whatsoever. Feel free to completely edit this product and change it for your needs. We do not offer support on any modifications.

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