Minim Prediction

By: Andilippi

Minim Prediction

This is a very minimalistic widget that you can display on your stream in OBS. It pulls the data from the StreamUP Twitch Prediction System and allows you to display predictions on stream.

First ever on-stream prediction widget!

Channel Points Predictions is a new superpower that lets creators engage their entire community while giving viewers a stake in the action of their favourite streams.

Creators or mods set an event and its possible outcomes, and viewers use their Channel Points to predict the end result before the prediction window closes. Viewers who guess correctly will win a proportionate share of the Channel Points pool.


  • Unique widget, that’s first of it’s kind.
  • Allows full screen viewers to still keep an eye on the prediction.
  • Customisable font, colours etc.

Installation Instructions

You’ll find the instalation instructions for the different bots that are supported by this product in our Discord.

Please, make sure you have all the prerequisites installed before performing the product installation itself. Be sure to have OBS closed when installing these plugins. If you need help installing any of these google: “Andilippi plugin name” there will be a video to help you.

Companion video

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