Minim Walk-in Message

By: Andilippi

Minim Walk-in Message

Welcome any new chatters with this on screen message! A minimalistic pop-up style widget that displays a viewer’s profile picture allongside a greeting. Triggers automatically upon a user’s first message in the chat. The colour of the banner and text can be completely changed to your taste.

Greet your viewers upon their first message!


  • A Minimalistic Design
  • Configure your own welcome messages with easy.
  • Made with native OBS sources, and thus customizable.

Installation Instructions

Below you’ll find the instalation instructions for the different bots that are supported by this product.

Please, make sure you have all the prerequisites installed before performing the product installation itself. Be sure to have OBS closed when installing these plugins. If you need help installing any of these google: “Andilippi plugin name” there will be a video to help you.

Companion video

DISCLAIMER - By downloading this product you agree to not redistribute AND/OR sell it for any profit whatsoever. Feel free to completely edit this product and change it for your needs. We do not offer support on any modifications.