Polaroid Picture

Give your viewers something to do! Let them take a photo of you at your worst. With Polaroid Picture its so easy for a viewer to use a channel point and write a message that will be printed on an on screen photo.

Did I mention the animation is SWEET!


  • Capture Stream Moments: Viewers can Snap Polaroid-Style Photos with a 3-Second Countdown
  • Choose Any OBS Source for Photo Capture
  • Personalise Polaroid Frame and Text Colour
  • Add a Dynamic Shadow Effect to the Polaroid for Extra Flair
  • Decide the Polaroid’s Landing Position: Left, Right, or Randomised
  • Save Memorable Moments: Option to Store Polaroids Locally on Your PC
  • Effortless Sharing: Automatically Upload Polaroids to Discord

Supported Triggers

Twitch Channel Point

Companion video

Technical Specification

Operating System Windows
Supported Broadcasting Software OBS Studio (v28 or newer)
Supported Bots Streamer.Bot (latest version)
Supported Streaming Platforms Twitch
Required Canvas Ratio 16:9

DISCLAIMER - By downloading this product you agree to not redistribute AND/OR sell it for any profit whatsoever. Feel free to completely edit this product and change it for your needs. We do not offer support on any modifications.

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