Stream Triggers

By: SilverLink

Stream Triggers

Stream Triggers is an extension for LioranBoard that adds triggers that are not available by default. Such as instant triggers for Twitch followers, but also triggers for YouTube!

You won’t be forced to use a specific service as this extension is compatible with both StreamElements and StreamLabs.

One extension for all the missing triggers!

This extension comes with an example deck fully set up to see how you can use it. It is not required for full functionality. You can create your buttons with these extension triggers and go ham with them. 😊

We recommend you use the INIT button from the example deck though because this includes some logic that prevents double or multiple the same triggers. Make sure to read the documentation.


  • Twitch follower/YouTube subscriber¹ triggers
  • Twitch subscriber/YouTube member triggers
  • Tip/Donation triggers
  • StreamLabs merchandise triggers

¹ YouTube Subscriber triggers might be delayed up to 4 hours due to YouTube API limitations.


Companion video

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