GTA Wasted Effect

By: Andilippi

GTA Wasted Effect

How many times does something go wrong on stream for you, whether it the stream itself or just you failing? Let your viewers tell you with this interactive Channel Point effect!



  • Easy installation
  • Interactive channel point
  • Fully animated in OBS

Installation Instructions

You’ll find the instalation instructions for the different bots that are supported by this product in our Discord.

Please, make sure you have all the prerequisites installed before performing the product installation itself. Be sure to have OBS closed when installing these plugins. If you need help installing any of these google: “Andilippi plugin name” there will be a video to help you.

We have found that a couple of users have an issue not returning to their main scene. 
This issue can be resolved by adding a new a scene transition called Fade to Colour. 
This can be resolved by adding a "Fade to Colour" to your transition list.

You can add this by clicking on the transition list
Scroll down to and click on "Add: Fade to Colour".
OBS will ask you for a name and make sure it's "Fade to Colour" with an u.
A new window will popup and leave the settings as it is and press on OK

Change your Scene transition back to your default one!

Notice: Potential bug

Companion video

DISCLAIMER - By downloading this product you agree to not redistribute AND/OR sell it for any profit whatsoever. Feel free to completely edit this product and change it for your needs. We do not offer support on any modifications.