StreamUP Pluginstaller

By: Silverlink

StreamUP Pluginstaller

All the plugins you need, in an instance!


  • Easy to use
  • No more manually downloading our recommended plugins!
  • Just copy and paste the OBS-Studio folder and the plugins are installed!


  • Windows 10 / 11


This script will download and extract a wide range of Plugins recommended by StreamUP. It will extract the files into a obs-studio folder that you can write over the original obs-studio folder in Program Files or wherever your OBS studio resides. It won’t touch anything that could damage your OBS installation. If it asks to overwrite any files you can safely do so.

Just double click “StreamUP-Pluginstaller.bat” or Right click > Run with Powershell on “StreamUP-Pluginstaller.ps1” and the magic will happen. After everything is done you should have a obs-studio folder with all the plugins.

The files that will be overwritten (if you have a clean OBS-Studio) are:

  • qjpeg.dll
  • en-US.ini
  • wipes.json

These files are also overwritten if you install the plugins manually!

Plugin List

It will also download and extract InnoExtract to unpack Xaymar’s StreamFX plugin. With this extraction it also comes with a MSVC Redist Helper (by Xaymar) for Microsoft Visual C/C++ redistributables. This will check if Visual C/C++ 2019 is installed and if it’s not detected it will do so.

All downloads are cleaned after the script is done.

Companion video

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